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The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Moscow. May 2010.
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Rembrandt Square. 2006.
Exposition at Rembrandt Square, Amsterdam. 2006.
Cast bronze. 15x5x7m.

The Biggest Sculpture in the Netherlands:

Nightwatch 3D was created 400 years after the world famous artist, Rembrandt, was born in Leiden. It was transported from Moscow to Holland to be part of the celebrations around the Rembrandt year 2006. An ambitious project in bronze, which will bring to life 22 characters from Rembrandt’s painting. This masterpiece was completed by the artist in 1642.

Rembrandt Square. 2006.

The transformation of this two dimentional image into a three dimensional one will add a new reality to the Nightwatch and for the first time make visible the other side of the figures depicted in the most famous of Dutch paintings. This project was conceived and realized by two friends; Mikhail Dronov, of Moscow, and Alexander Taratynov, now living in Maastricht.

The idea of the project is that people will be able to view representations of historical characters living in Amsterdam in those old times. You will also be able to touch them and even walk among the figures from this world-famous masterpiece, a truly educational experience. This is a fully «sculptured» painting showing in more than full-length all twenty-two figures of the painting, even those figures that are not entirely visible on the canvas. It will certainly make make an indelible impression on the spectator.

Pending the agreements for its final location all the figures from the group (eighteen of the characters have arrived since spring 2005) are going to stay in the gardens of Chateau St. Gerlach nearby Maastricht. The whole sculpture with its separate figures is very striking also from the point of view of size. Its dimensions are 15 meter long, 7 meter in depth and 5 meter at its highest point.

Article from «NIVEAU» magazine. VOORJAAR 2004. Netherlands

Rembrandt Square. 2006.
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